WIRELESS HEADPHONES | Bluetooth Headphones CARNEO S7 White

Bluetooth Headphones CARNEO S7 White

Listen to great music with the CARNEO S7 headphones! Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology they can be paired and used to play music with ease. You can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of wireless playback for up to 5 hours without compromising on sound quality. 34,90 € incl. VAT KaufenCHCEM KÚPIŤ


Bluetooth Headphones CARNEO S7 White

Elegance enhanced by pleasure

The Carneo S7 headphones brings you two pleasures in one. The pleasure of listening to quality undisturbed sound enhanced by pleasant feeling of wearing soft leather earpads.

CarneoBluetooth 4.1
Hands freeHands free
Built-in MP3 and FMBuilt-in MP3 and FM
Function Noice CancellingFunction Noice Cancelling
Battery Life 5hBattery Life 5h

Top sound

Get ready for an unexpectedly impressive listening experience. CARNEO S7 headphones are equipped with high-quality neodymium speakers. They produce crystal clear sound, wirelessly. In addition, you can add intensity to the music and have a total blast. Music accompanies you every step of the way, even while charging the headphones.

Answering phone calls

With a high-quality omnidirectional microphone, voice calls couldn’t sound more vivid. You hear them, they hear you. When making phone calls or recordings, the voice is crystal clear including faintest details.

FM waves

No cell phone? No big deal. Just insert a micro SD card with pre-recorded mp3s into your headphones and let the fun begin. The built-in MP3 player plays all MP3 files on the card. If you‘re tired of listening to music from your mobile phone or SD card, simply turn the FM radio on the headphones and enjoy the music again.

An undisturbed music experience

The headphones have the NOISE CANCELING function, which suppresses unwanted noise and therefore provides you with even better, undisturbed music experience.

Who would have thought that you could have your own private party with a pair of wireless headphones with microphone?

The CARNEO S7 headphones will bring your favorite tunes with a single click. Are you completely immersed in your music and suddenly someone calls you? No worries. One click on the headphones and you're connected. Click again and playback will start where it left off. The magic of Bluetooth connectivity brings the freedom and flexibility without limits and you can adjust the sound to your liking.

Music accompanies you every step of the way, even while charging the headphones. If you can comfortably listen to music all day, you will simply enjoy it more. The leather earpads are designed to bring you closer to your favourite artist. You will soon forget you’re wearing headphones on your head.

Bluetooth Headphones CARNEO S7 White