WIRELESS HEADPHONES | Bluetooth Headphones CARNEO S5 Black

Bluetooth Headphones CARNEO S5 Black

Bluetooth headphones should be an essential gadget for every listener of quality music. In addition to fantastic sound, the CARNEO S5 also comes with modern design. 29,90 € incl. VAT KaufenCHCEM KÚPIŤ


Bluetooth Headphones CARNEO S5 Black

A stylish piece packed with features

Carneo S5 headphones - a stylish companion on your journey. Thanks to the included technologies and compact design, it will make you independent from other devices and thus will enhance your freedom.

CarneoBluetooth 4.2
Hands freeHands free
Foldable Foldable
Built-in MP3 and FMBuilt-in MP3 and FM
Battery life up to 5 hoursBattery life up to 5 hours
Micro SD cardMicro SD card

Clear sound and rich bass

The headphones bring a pleasant experience through a clear sound and rich bass.

Answering phone calls

With a high-quality omnidirectional microphone, voice calls couldn’t sound more vivid. You hear them, they hear you. When making phone calls or recordings, the voice is crystal clear including faintest details.

FM waves

No cell phone? No big deal. Just insert a micro SD card with pre-recorded mp3s into your headphones and let the fun begin. The built-in MP3 player plays all MP3 files on the card. If you‘re tired of listening to music from your mobile phone or SD card, simply turn the FM radio on the headphones and enjoy the music again.

Thanks to the wireless headphones, you don‘t have to worry about tangled cables anymore.
Listen to your favorite music without any restrictions with Bluetooth technology.
They offer clear sound and rich bass, while the built-in microphone enables you to make phone calls.

Soft pads on headphones ensure comfortable wear.
The headphones can be folded, which is a great advantage when you need to store them in a bag or backpack.

Includes rechargeable battery and SD card slot.
Thanks to the SD card slot, you can play MP3 music without the need to connect to mobile phone.

The controls on the handset are used for easy and simple operation of the device.
Bluetooth 4.2 technology enables connection to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Bluetooth Headphones CARNEO S5 Black