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Smart watch CARNEO Gear+ Deluxe Silver

Luxury women's fitness watch CARNEO Gear + Deluxe silver with colour IPS display monitors your daily activity and in addition, when paired with mobile phone , will alert you about incoming calls, SMS or messages from online applications. 89,00 € incl. VAT KaufenCHCEM KÚPIŤ


Smart watch CARNEO Gear+ Deluxe Silver

Data of all your activities

The modern, luxurious Carneo Gear + deluxe fitness watch in an elegant silver design has a round IPS colour display, which can be activated by a simple turn of the wrist. It can monitor your heart rate, distance traveled, monitor calories burned or sleep quality. It includes a battery which can last for approximately 3 to 4 days. According to IP67 certification, watch is water and dust resistant. The Bluetooth-enabled watch is compatible with iOS and Android. The metal strap with a magnetic buckle is pleasant to the touch and guarantees comfort throughout the day.

Battery life up to 4 daysBattery life up to 4 days
Measurement of life functionsMeasurement of life functions
Application in English languageApplication in English language
8 sports activities8 sports activities

SPORT function

Sport function with a choice of 8 sport modes, clearly displaying all necessary data of the activity, such as the current heart rate, distance, calories burned, total activity time or the route displayed on the map.
SPORT Funktion
heart rate
heart rate
Constant heart rate measurement during sport excercise, displaying your heart rate zones. Heart rate monitoring throughout the day, while resting or excercising.
blood pressure
blood pressure
Option of blood pressure monitoring throughout the day, while resting or excercising.
Monitoring of burned calories with the possibility of setting a daily goal.

Why should you buy CARNEO Gear+ Deluxe fitness smart watch?

Carneo FIT application CARNEO FIT

Download or update the CARNEO FIT app for free from Google Play.

Smart watch CARNEO Gear+ Deluxe silver



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